A Big Step of Healing

While I entered the children's ward to get Adil’s folder for his echo, Abdalla’s father called me from behind. I was so surprised, but very happy to learn Abdalla was transferred to the secondary ICU last night. The nurse asked his father to have him to sit on the chair after she helped him with a bath.

Despite that he had a right-sided chest tube and one IV cannula, he looks much better. We tried to cheer him up by giving him a smiley face hat and few little toys, however, he still very weak and he hardly spoke any words to us.

He only spoke when I wanted his father to offer Abdalla some juice, his father did not understand what I meant, and Abdalla became a translator to talk to his father in Kurdish to explain what I was saying.

According to this morning's echo follow-up, his heart is doing great. Tomorrow they may be able to remove his chest tube and start to restrengthen his legs to stand up and walk a bit.

Around lunch time, Suhail pulled Abdalla’s father away from his bedside to have a quick lunch with us, for the sake of giving a break to his father. Praise God for He provided all of us delicious food that we could enjoy together as one Shevet family.

Please continue to lift Abdalla and his father in your prayers; may this Passover period bring God’s healing, peace, and salvation to them. Amen!! 

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