New Steps

This morning, we arrived at Wolfson hospital around 10am, after having dropped off two of our volunteers at the airport to return home. After sad farewells, it was such a joy to see Abdalla sitting up in bed, smiling in the childrens' ward. 
He has had his chest tubes removed and is now on the his final stages of recovery in the hospital before he can return to Shevet Achim. We had such a fun day spending time with Stuey the clown, playing a fishing game, watching Tom and Jerry, and taking lots of photographs. Abdalla is definitely a budding photographer!
His father had mentioned to the doctors Abdalla had been experiencing some pain, unrelated to his surgery. This afternoon, we took him down to have a sonogram. The results showed there was inflammation. He has been prescribed medication for this, and we hope for a quick recovery of this nondangerous, but annoying, pain. 
For lunch, we had the opportunity to share some time with other mothers who were at the ward, including Baran's mum, who has now returned to Wolfson after two nights of peaceful sleep at Shevet Achim. It was such an enjoyable experience to get to know these mothers.
Abdalla was also eager to spend a lot of the day on his feet, as he has been couped up in bed. Despite being slightly rocky, due to the all the needle pricks and tubes he's endured, he did incredibly well and managed to stand and walk a fair distance.
We thank the Lord for these new steps in Abdalla's recovery, and we pray for a continuation of strength through the ones that are to come.
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