Good News for Abdalla

This morning Aad and I brought Abdalla and his father to the hospital for his first post-surgery echo follow-up. On our way, Abdalla was sitting very quietly in the van and looked a bit worried for his echo exam.

Right after we arrived, we were called into the echo room. Praise God there was no waiting and Abdalla was able to go to his appointment immediately. 

It did not take Dr. Hanita long to bring the good news regarding this echo result. She was very pleased and is hoping that Abdalla can continue to maintain his good physical condition until next Monday for another echo check-up. We are praying that Lord willing it could be the final echo for Abdalla.

After we came back from the echo room, we got together with another family for a quick lunch. Then started part two of Abdalla’s physical treatment. The children's ward doctor has arranged for us to go to an ENT (ear, nose and throat) department to check on an ear ache he's been having. Fortunately, the ENT said his ears have no infection at all which was more good news for us to thank God for.

Also, Abdalla has been losing quite a bit of hair recently on the left side of his head. So, Abdalla's doctor discussed his case with a few other doctors, and then decided to consult a dermatologist for possible treatment. It took some time of waiting before we got a response. In the end, his doctor told us that we can go back Jerusalem to wait for this new appointment with a dermatologist.

While we were waiting, a nurse removed Abdalla’s chest tube stitches without any complications.

Thank God for all the good news we had for Abdalla! Please continue to pray for him and his father to have strength and patience waiting for his finial echo to come. 

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