A New Heart Full of Love

Abdalla and his father laughing at their farewell party

After a good period of recovering, the time of the last echo had come. Most of the day for Abdalla was at the hospital, but when we got back something special was waiting for him. Every volunteer gave their grain of sand to make an unbelievable evening for this father and son. It was an evening party shared with Adil and his father - they came to Israel together and now God let them go back together.

There was a short time right before the party was ready, that the volunteers were playing with Abdalla and Adil. It was one last chance to really play together before the two kids left. It was also a time of some silly picture taking. 

It was time for our last dinner together in this journey of healing and recovering for Abdalla. Everyone took a place at the table. Abdalla was sitting with Lindsay and me, playing with Shevi (Shevet’s pet dog) and laughing with us. I noticed he and his father were enjoying everything and they expressed that weird feeling in which they want to go home on one hand, but on the other hand they were so much part of the Shevet family that they felt this mix of feelings.

We had a great time eating and sharing with them one last time.

Then it was time to lift up the families with worship and prayers, before we watched the slideshow video with all the pictures of them during their stay at Shevet. The development of the worship was in a family environment the whole time, in every single moment of the farewell we were talking, laughing and playing, and then singing to the Lord together.

But this time it wasn’t just us playing the worship music. Abu Abdalla (Abdalla’s father) also joined the Shevet’s band, playing drums and his recovered son filming him in every single song.

We sang our farewell songs with Abu Abdalla on the drums, Abdalla singing with the girls and doing the hand motions for some of the songs, Adil’s father clapping, and Adil laughing.

As it is tradition at Shevet, they didn’t go back with empty hands. According to what they like or need, Shevet gives some gifts at the farewell party. They go back to their home with a new heart full of the love of Yeshua, in their minds the memories with us and in their hands some physical memories. The response of Abdalla and his father was a big smile and lots of thanks for everybody; they were really grateful and happy.

Carol, a local friend of Shevet who comes in every week for story telling, shared her appreciation for Abdalla paying close attention to her, how he wants to learn English and that he actually learned some things being with us. She cares for him that much that she came to his farewell party, and not just that, she gave him a gift to encourage him to keep learning English.

We laughed; also some of us cried a little bit and now was the time for one last song and then the good-bye. "Anta Atheemun" (You are Awesome) was the last song played, and this time the band was joined by a friend from the Finnish school (a partner organization that hosted this party and also shares living quarters for our families). He played the violin, which gave a special touch to the last song. 

That night I realized what a blessing they have been in our lives. I was so close to them that the three of us couldn’t resist and we broke in tears; tears of happiness because they were going to see their families and tears of sadness because our time together was over. Thank God  that everything went well and they are going back with a new heart and with a blessing.

At 4 am in the morning today, they were ready to leave and continue with their lives - with new health and two new hearts. May God be with them in their new lives.

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