Loving Alan

Alan came back home to Jerusalem today. His weekend stay at the hospital was uneventful but good. His mom reported he slept great while at Wolfson. His fever went down and hasn't come back since Friday! 

He happily ate, slept, and played while we visited him and our other families at the hospital. He loves to look around and watch people, enjoying the stimulus of singing, toys, and clapping. The doctors had time during his stay to go over the surgical plan with Alan's mom. It looks like he is on the potential schedule for early next week. Please join us in lifting our prayers to the heavenly Father. The doctors are unsure how Alan's small pulmonary valve will react to the surgery. Due to this unknown, the doctors also don't know if Alan will need future surgies to enlarge the small valve. We can rest assured that God knows, and that His perfect plan of healing will come to be.

When Alan arrived back at Shevet's Jerusalem base, his mom was so happy to have our volunteers pour their love out on Alan. We are happy to have mother and son back in our care for, at least, the remainder of the week!    

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