A Praiseworthy Day

Baby Alan finally had his heart repair today and is recovering in the ICU at Wolfson hospital. Leading up to this day, his sweet young mother had shed many tears about the conditon of her beloved son. When we took them to the hospital yesterday afternoon, she expressed her fears and anxieties about the upcoming surgery. 

Earlier than usual on a surgery day, I headed towards the hospital this morning, as we had been told that Alan would be taken to surgery at 6:30am. Thankfully, we - the new Jaffa team - had just moved yesterday to our new home and are now located a lot closer to the hospital than before. I found mother and son in their room in the ward, getting ready for the big day. The mother lovingly cleaned her son's face, while silently weeping. We took some time and prayed together for the surgery, the surgeons and for peace of heart and mind for her. A few minutes later we were already in the pre-operational room.

Raya, the headnurse, played with Alan and when she saw the worried look on his mother's face, she asked what language she spoke. When she heard that her mother tongue is acutally Farsi, she left the room and soon appeared with another nurse who started talking to Alan's mother right away in Farsi. Alan's mothers' face lit up immediately. I was thanking God for providing exactly what was needed to comfort her. 

After Alan had been taken into surgery, we both went upstairs to wait in the ward with our other mothers. Alan's mother had some emotional breakdowns in between, but was encouraged when she heard that our Kurdish friend, Dr. Hiwa, who had only arrived late last evening, was in the operation room with Alan. 

At noon time, Alan was wheeled into the ICU, accompanied by smiling surgeons and the anaesthesiologist. And shortly after, we met Dr. Hiwa in the hallway who brought us the wonderful news that Alan had a full repair and that everything had gone well.

The mother was overjoyed and cried again - but this time out of joy and relief. 

We are praising God for the beautiful work that He has been doing in little Alan's life and for the love and grace He has shown Alan's mother. He provided everything that was needed - from the right people who could speak her heart language, to the wonderful support of the other mothers and our wonderful Sophie. Thank you for rejoicing with us. 

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