Alma and Yazan

Alma was born two months ago in Gaza and has been hospitalized since her birth. The doctors in Gaza reported she suffers from severe aortic stenosis. We transferred her to Wolfson Medical Center today via ambulance, where she and her grandmother arrived safely around 1:30 this afternoon. After arrival, she immediately went to the ICU to ensure she was stable. We are happy to report she is doing well. She is having no problems with her oxygen saturation and does not require supplemental oxygen.

The staff at Wolfson said it may be possible for Alma's heart to be healed via medications, without surgical intervention, and have begun her on a special medication regiment. What an amazing word of hope for Alma's family! We are so thankful for the hand of the Lord in getting Alma here, and we look forward to seeing how Alma's heart will be healed. 

In other news, Wolfson called me to let us know sweet Yazan can return home. After an extended time with a mysterious fever, Yazan is well again. His heart looks great and his fever has been gone for a few days. He and his lovely grandmother returned to Gaza to be reunited with their whole family, and we are looking forward to seeing them again in the future when they return to Wolfson for check-ups. Please join us in keeping this cute little boy and his family in our prayers. 
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