A Journey of Trust

Early this morning, little Safa and his mother left their home in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq, and started their journey towards a healed heart for Safa. They were joined by our co-worker Sean, who flew out with together with them. We thank God that the travel was without any complications.

Mother and son arrived well and were picked up by Rebekah and Joseph. Rebekah was prepared and quickly assessed Safa to find out if we should bring him to the hospital straight away. The assessment was satisfactory, so they decided to come to our Jaffa home.

Safa and his mother were lovingly welcomed by our other family. Safa's mother already knew one of the other parents from back home, which must have been in some way strange and comforting at the same time. We called Dr. Alona to let her know that Safa had arrived. We talked for a moment and decided that, since Safa was stable, we would bring him in on Sunday morning for his initial assessments at Wolfson hospital. When I saw Safa a few minutes later, he was crying and very blue, and looked unwell. Because of the upcoming Shabbat, I asked Dr. Alona if we could bring Safa to the hospital so that she could have a look and give us her feedback. She agreed, and shortly after we were already on our way to the hospital. Rebekah kindly accompanied us.

Before long, most of the assessments had been done, and Safa was given a sedative before the echocardiogram. It took him a while to fall asleep, but eventually he could not fight the sleep anymore. Dr. Alona performed the echo and told us that it was good that we had brought him right away. He is in need of surgical intervention. However, she could not say with certainty that they would be able to do a full repair at this time due to the small pulmonary arteries. She will discuss it with the doctors and surgeons this coming Sunday and then will get back to us.  According to his medical history, Safa has been frequently experiencing cyanotic spells - a central cyanosis caused by the rapid drop in the amount of oxygen in the blood. Dr. Alona told us that she would hospitalize Safa for a few days to start him on a medication that requires monitoring during the first few days. After the blood test, Rebekah took Safa back to his room where he slept for the next hour. 

Rebekah and I were saying goodbye to Safa's mother and were just about to leave the hospital, when Safa suddenly had one of these cyanotic spells. He threw up the formula he had had earlier, and his face turned very blue. The nurses were having their shift change and were nearby. They quickly took him to the nurses station where he received oxygen. He quickly normalized. Dr. Eve informed the ICU and it was decided that Safa would be admitted to the ICU. 

Safa is currently being monitored in the ICU. Even though this day has been exhausting physically and emotionally for Safa and his mother, we are so thankful that they made it to Israel in time and that the hospital was willing to receive them right away, even on the Eve of Shabbat, which is not a regular day to bring in new children.

What a journey mother and son went on today - and this is only the beginning. But we trust our heavenly Father to be with them each step on the way

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