CT Scan for Ayleen

Early this morning David and I accompanied Ayleen and her mum to Wolfson hospital in order to have a CT scan done. The results of the scan will help the doctors determine their plan for Ayleen's medical treatment.

Ayleen was required to fast since last night before she went to bed. We thought she should able to finish CT soon after 8am, and that Ayleen wouldn't soon be able to eat again. However, this was not the case. After some time of waiting, I asked Dr. Eve when she thought the CT might happen. I found out that there was another seriously sick baby who needed to have a CT done urgently. Ayleen was next in line.
To help pass the time, Ayleen's mum brought her to the playground and Ayleen had lots of fun playing while she waited.  Around 11:30am, it was finally time for Ayleen's CT.
In the CT room, the doctor sedated Ayleen to ensure she would not move during the scan. Shortly after it started, Ayleen's mum began shedding many tears because she was so worried about Ayleen.  
When it was finished, they kept her for a period of observation before taking her back to the children's ward. Later on, Ayleen and her mum had lunch with Maryam and her mum and also spent some time playing together.
Praise God, that afternoon Ayleen was released to come back our Shevet community. Thanks to our Messiah for his protection over Ayleen's CT scan! 
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