Cath Cancelled

This morning when I arrived to the hospital, I went to check on how Ayleen and her mum were doing. Right after I saw them, Ayleen's mum looked very upset to tell me that Ayleen's catheterization had been cancelled and she was informed by the Arabic speaking staff just now.

I was quite shocked so I went to the ward to double-check with Dr. Yueval. According to his explanation, there were a few urgent kids who needed to have a cath more emergently than Ayleen did. As a result, there wasn't enough time for Ayleen. So, Ayleen's catheterization is cancelled and will be resecheduled later. 
Please continue to lift up Ayleen and her mum while they have again to wait for Ayleen's cath. May Yeshua provide mum peace while they're waiting for God's perfect timing.
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