Joyful Mustafa Comes to Israel

Mustafa and his mother safely arrived to Israel this morning, along with 4 other precious little children and their guardians. Mustafa's mother was very welcoming and excited to greet us at the airport. At first Mustafa was quite shy and didn't want to make eye contact with us, but only a few short minutes later he was joyful and running around the airport. 

As we arrived to our home, Mustafa immediately changed into his M&M pajamas and enjoyed spending time with all the new babies. Mustafa seems like he will be a joyful little helper and is quickly getting comfortable in his new environment. His mother is also adjusting well and has already been helpful in translating for the other families as she speaks English, Arabic and Kurdish very well. 
Please pray for both of them as they head into their first assessments at the hospital tomorrow morning. May God's peace and joy be with them and His hand watch over Mustafa as he goes through many tests. We praise our faithful God for His provision and protection over Mustafa. 
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