Herdi Gets a Successful Hernia Repair

Mr. Herdi headed over to Wolfson with his big brother and me this morning to be admitted for his hernia repair. We arrived and the nurses were waiting for us, but Herdi would not be wheeled down to surgery for a few hours. During the waiting between admission and going down for surgery Herdi did some crafts in the game room and kept himself busy to keep his mind off what was coming up. 

Then it was time to head down to the OR. Herdi's brother and our co-worker Suhail joined Herdi in the pre-op room and kept him entertained during this final wait.
Then he went in with surgeons. Herdi's surgery ended up being a bit longer than expected but the doctors gave a good report.
Herdi will spend the night in hospital, but we are hopeful he will return to our Shevet base tomorrow after an echo and assessments to ensure all is well with today's surgery. Herdi and brother are both tired tonight and we lift them up in prayer as they continue to find themselves in circumstances to bond closer and closer as brothers. 
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