Herdi Is Going Home

Dr. Alona has given us the final word; Herdi can return to Kurdistan!

His surgical results are very good and his recovery has been great. He is still overcoming the final pains related to his hernia surgery, but he is recovering well.

So, tomorrow morning he and his big brother will return home. It's been a long time for Herdi and his brother in Israel and they are definitely ready to be reunited with their family!

It will certainly be sad for all of us at Shevet, these two brothers will be missed sorely. However, we are so very thankful for the healing Herdi has undergone, praise God! 

The last step at Wolfson was for Herdi's chest tube site suture to be removed. All went well and Herdi and his brother enjoyed a last Israeli falafel before heading back to sleep one more time at our house. 
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