Farewell, Herdi!

Herdi spent his last night with us partying, grinning, and giving his signature hi-fives. He was homeward bound, and told me of his excitement to see his family again, especially his Mum. We celebrated his time here with a special meal, cookies and cake, gifts, and a slideshow.

It was a wonderful end to his stay here. Herdi’s brother was full of gratitude. He told us that Herdi’s heart condition has been a huge weight and concern for his family for many years, especially his father. Because Herdi’s father is battling cancer and undergoing chemo right now, he was not able to accompany Herdi to Israel, and so sent his oldest son instead.

This family is a wonderful example of sacrificial love, they have a very tight bond. One of our team mentioned how Herdi and his brother have been a huge blessing to our community. Joyfully helping out with translation, taking out the garbage, setting the table for meals, playing with the younger children, and helping new families settle in. After the celebrations they said their last goodbyes because they had to leave for the airport at 5am!

Please be praying for Herdi and his brother. Unfortunately, they have a very long journey ahead of them. They have a 10-hour layover in Jordan, and because of the airport closures in Kurdistan, they will have to fly into Iraq via Bagdad. They will then have to board another (domestic) flight, stay a night with their Aunt, and then, they will finally be able to make the last leg of their journey home. Thank you for your prayers and support of Herdi and his family. They will remember this gift forever!

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