CT Today

Helen and I and two newly visiting volunteers went to visit Zulaikha and mom as they had a CT scan for her this morning. Traffic was a bit much so by the time we got there she had already been for the scan. 

It took us a while to locate her as well in the hospital complex. We finally tracked her down in a back room of the MRI area. She was glad to see some more friendly faces and asked about the results from the CT. As I explained that those would be available the following day, Zulaikha began waking up from the anesthesia. The nurse described the anesthesia process and how Zulaikha would be slowly coming out of it. We waited a short time until they were ready to return her to the children's cardiac ward.
There they showed her to her new room and we waited as the nurses hooked up her wires and tubes and the doctor came and saw that she was stable. We played a bit with Zulaikha and set up some of her crib toys. Her mother was doing well and didn't want a walk outside, so we were soon ready to go. God bless this precious child!
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