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Today Jesse and I gave Zulaikha and her Mum a visit. Zulaikha was asleep when we arrived, but soon woke when it was time to take her medication. We played with her for a while and caught up with her mum. I then went to find the doctor to ask about the results of the MRI that Zulaikha had on Sunday.

The doctor reported that the MRI found tortured/twisted blood vessels in Zulaikha's limbs, abdomen, and head. Genetic testing is needed to help determine the cause, so that a plan for treatment can be made. It is possible that the cause could be genetic, or something else, and the treatment options vary widely. This genetic testing while expensive, is the best way to know how to help Zulaikha.

When Jesse translated the news to Zulaikha's mum, it was hard on her. Because Zulaikha's recovery has recently been going so well, and she has visually been improving, her Mum had hoped that they would be going home soon. We prayed for them, and I gave Zulaikha's mum a few hugs in an attempt to comfort her. She is quite fatigued from months in hospital. The unknown timeframe is hard to swallow as she has a husband, and six other children back home that she misses. Please keep Zulaikha, her Mum and their family in your prayers as they await news of their next step. 

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