Some Improvements, Some Challenges

Last thursday Ben and I visited Zulaikha and her mum. She was doing pretty well. During this time she received  therapy from a physiotherapist. The mother was told to alternate Zulaikha's positions by laying her on her belly and then also helping her to sit. Mum seemed to be happy about the improvement.
We visited her again today, and thank God during the weekend she moved out of the cardiac step-down unit to a normal children's ward. 
She is no longer on continuous cardiac and pulmonary monitoring in this new room which allows mom to interact and walk around more with Zulaikha. 
Mum said that Zulaikha had blood in her stool and at night she vomited. Yousef talked to the doctor and got the information that they are planning to do severals blood tests. She was crying more than at the last visits. So there are still challenges to overcome, but we praise the Lord for the good improvements that Zulaikha is making. We trust Him in all things. 
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