Hoping to Go to Jaffa Soon

This morning Maxine and I drove to Sheba hospital to visit Zulaika and her mother. We expected to have a little talk, play a little with Zulaika and then return home early.

Zulaika was recently transferred to the children's ward. We asked at the desk which room she was. The attendant replied, "Ah...the girl from Kurdistan!"

They showed us the way and when we arrived, Zulaikha had just been taken off the infusion and had to go to the echo department.

We arrived just in time to accompany them. Both tests went very smoothly. Zulaika didn't protest or cry. And in the end the doctor was very content with what she saw.

Zulaikha's heart is fine, but the problem is with her somewhat twisted veins, which are cause for concern. Tere will be more examinations needed to sort out what is causing the problem with the veins. Also Zulaikha needs to complete her antibiotics in the next few days.

After translating the news to Zulaikha's mother, we showed them back to their room. We said goodbye hoping to welcome them soon to our Jaffa base. Please pray with us for Zulaikha's recovery and for strength for her mother who is very tired and looking forward to be able to leave the hospital.

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