Good News and Big Smiles

Today was a day of good news and big smiles for Zulaikha and her Mum. The doctor confirmed that Zulaikha is now on her last day of antibiotics, and should be discharged from hospital tomorrow! Tomorrow morning the team will take one last blood test to send to the genetics lab. The genetic test results will provide valuable information as to the cause and treatment options for Zulaikha’s twisted veins. It will take a couple of months before the results are ready.

The doctors were happy to hear that we have nurses at our Shevet house to ensure Zulaikha’s medication is administered correctly. So, after 88 days in hospital, Zulaikha and her Mum are now able to look forward to the idea of being in a real home, with other children and mums, with their own space. They are VERY excited, and so are we!

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