Back to the House!

Coby and I were happy to announce the return of Zulaikha to our community house today! She is healing and off of all but a few medicines. No IV lines, and no antibiotics. When we arrived at the hospital, they still weren't sure if she was ready to leave, but with much work on Coby's part, she was able to convince them that Zulaikha is hale and hearty! 

While at the hospital, Zulaikha's mother showed us some of the knitting she has been doing. One hat and shawl were for another mother here at the house. After checking various details, filling out medicine prescriptions, special milk preparations, and saying goodbye to friends, we were rolling out the door.

Zulaikha's mother could barely believe it, but soon we were driving down the highway free and clear!

At the house we gave a few honks to signal that we were coming in. Alexa met us at the door and celebrated with Zulaikha's mom.
Soon we had mother and daughter settled in their new room and chatting with Zhyar's grandmother. 
Thank you God for this blessed day getting to see a picture of Your Grace.
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