Central Line Removal

Coby and I had the privilege of accompanying Zulaikha and her joyful mother to Sheba today. Zulaikha had her appointment to have her central line removed. Despite fasting since early this morning, Zulaikha had a good car ride and patiently waited to be seen by the doctors. 

Getting Zulaikha signed in and finding the correct places to go went very well, and we were pleasantly surprised by how smooth the whole process went. The doctors and nurses asked a few questions and the surgeon very quickly came to remove the line. We had thought Zulaikha would need sedation, but praise the Lord this ended up not being necessary. 
As Coby carried Zulaikha into the procedure room, Zulaikha's mom and I collected our bags and followed. Before we even got into the room with Zulaikha, however, the surgeon was done and the cannula was removed.
The removal took just a couple of seconds. We then got Zulaikha's clothes changed, fed her long-awaited breakfast milk, and had some tea and cake. Then we were able to head home! 
Zulaikha's mom can feel we are getting closer and closer to the finish line. Their return to Kurdistan is in sight. We are waiting to hear if Zulaikha's next echo will be the end of this week or next week. Please join us in praying the coming echo will be Zulaikha's final one and her little heart will be declared as healed! Zulaikha also needs prayer for her blood vessels still. Sheba is doing genetic testing to find the underlying cause of her thin-walled and dilated blood vessels. Since results can take up to two months to process, we are happy to know Zulaikha and mom can receive the results after their return to Kurdistan. Thank you for joining us in praying for sweet Zulaikha. 
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