Surgery At Last

Suhail and I went to the Wolfson hospital today early in the morning to support Kovan's parents during his surgery. When we arrived Kovan's parents were sleeping.

At 8:30am Kovan was taken with a smile on his face into the operating room. The operation took over 5 hours.

When Kovan came out of the OR and into the ICU, the doctor told us about the surgery. He said that the surgery went well and they made the two chambers become one. Also the doctor told us that they connected the bloodflow from the arms and the brain into the lungs. They are keeping the chest open for a couple of days until they see the heart is fine, and then they will close it. Keeping the chest open for now means they have quick access in case of complications. The first couple days after surgery are the most critical. 

In the future he may need a second surgery. In the next couple of days the medical staff will know more information that will shed light on his prognosis. Right now, Kovan will remain intubated and on medication. 

Mother and Father were both able to ask the doctors their questions, and now they are very happy that Kovan's surgery is behind us. Let us pray for this family!

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