Extubated and Recovering

Today we visited Kovan with both of his parents. We found that he’d been extubated and was stable. The medical staff are constantly monitoring his vital functions, and if his body doesn’t respond well, then he’ll be intubated again. When we visited he was still asleep and his heart rate was very low. It’s normal for it to be low after extubation but is also a sign he has a long recovery ahead.

Kovan’s father was expecting to stay in Israel another week, but this afternoon we got word that he’s actually leaving at 4 tomorrow morning. So, he went to back to the hospital to say goodbye two more times in the evening. The last time Kovan’s father went to see him he was still sleeping. We’re praying Kovan’s father has a smooth trip home and that Kovan continues to progress, with his mother stay behind to care for him. 

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