Moved to the Ward

Elisa and I were at the hospital today to visit our sweet kids. We also visited Kovan and his mum in the ICU. I was so happy to see him without the mask and Intubation like last week. He was even without infusions. The nurse changed his bandages while we were there. A bit later he was dressed in his clean hospital pyjamas and eating a cookie his mum gave him.

Later while we were visiting another child, we heard that Kovan was being moved to the children's ward! This is good news because it means that he has improved enough that he no longer requires constant, critical care. So we found his room, and spent some time with him in his new surroundings.

He seemed to be there more happy than in the ICU. He was smiling and he played a game where he could hear the roars from different animals. We also talked a bit to his dad on the phone. It was great to see him doing much better. Thank God for all your prayers. Let's continue to pray for his complete recovery.

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