Kovan's Great Surprise

This morning when we went to the echo room with two other families of our house, I overheard the doctor saying that Kovan will be discharged. That was a great surprise - release so quickly! Then I saw outside the echo room Kovan and his mom with some of our co-workers. We didn't know that he also had his echo this morning. So they took him down to the children's ward to get him ready to go back to our Shevet house.

Mom was very happy although she didn't expect it today yet. While they tried to get him in his own clothes again, the clown just arrived. So he made some music for Kovan just before he left the hospital. 

These clowns are a blessing for the kids. They give a great effort to make the children happy. Kovan was a bit overwhelmed when he came back to the house. The other families were just having their lunch. So I brought him with his mom downstairs to their sleeping room. Kovan will have his echo next week. Then, he will have his second surgery in two years time. Thanks to our Messiah. The kids are safe in His hands. Thanks for all your prayers! 

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