Zulaikha Free to Go Home!

Today was a happy day for Zulaikha, her Mum, and myself. She had her final echocardiogram and ECG. Her doctor was very happy with the results, and could see no major issues. She has gained weight and is now 5 kilos (11 lbs)! So, after roughly 3 very touch-and-go months, Zulaikha has been given the all-clear to go home to Kurdistan!! What a miracle this is.

She has had so many complications, and been the subject of many desperate prayers. I remember when I first met Zulaikha, her condition made my heart race then, and has a few times since. I was one of the first of our Israel-based team to meet Zulaikha. We actually met on an empty plane in Amman, Jordan. She needed to travel with oxygen, and I was her medical escort. I also remember the times I left the hospital quite discouraged after having to deliver the bad news of her internal bleeding, need for more surgery, and sometimes the hardest news... we don’t know what’s going to happen. But I also remember the good times that I was able to share with her after God had pulled her through. The day she was moved out of ICU for the final time.

The day she successfully kept her milk down and was starting to feed again. The day she began getting her mobility back, and started to smile again. The day she came home to the Shevet house. And every day since then when she gives me a HUGE grin, even when I’m hooking her up to equipment while testing her vital signs (which some of our kids do not appreciate), or delivering her yucky medicine.

Even though she still has more healing to do in her lungs, liver, and oesophagus, and the state of her “tortured-veins” condition is unclear (until we receive the results in a couple months), this little one holds a special place in my heart. She is an example of what God can do when people sacrificially work together and trust in Him.

After the testing was finished, we took Zulaikha and her Mum to say goodbye to all the staff. She was met with love and joy by everyone. Her Mum waved everyone off, and was saying “Bye bye Sheba!” all the way home.

She is relieved and excited to be back with her many children soon, and we are overjoyed for them. Today my heart is full of praise to God for his immense love for “even the least of these”. This is the God we serve, and He is worthy to be praised. Thanks for being a part of His work in Zulaikha’s life.

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