First Day in Israel

Today was Mohammed’s first day in Israel, and it was a difficult one for him.  He is only 3 weeks old, and is easily distressed so he was crying a lot today. Whenever he cries, his oxygen saturation levels drop, and he turns blue all over his body. At one point his SATs dropped to 27%!

I have never seen a child go that low before. He had his initial assessment day today which involved getting weighed, measured, having his blood pressure taken (from each limb), getting an echocardiogram, and drawing blood for testing. And also meeting the hospital clown, Stuey.  

Mohammed’s veins are extremely narrow, and so it took multiple doctors multiple tries before they were able to get enough blood. They tried drawing from the back of both hands, both wrists, his feet, neck, and eventually, he had to go to the ICU to get blood drawn from his femoral artery. It was quite an ordeal that took almost 2 hours. His father was a little distressed after the first few attempts, so he didn’t join us in ICU, but thankfully we had a big enough team to enable someone to be with him at all times.

He ended up being admitted, and will stay in hospital until further notice. He had to be sedated during the end of his echo, and was still asleep when he was put into his bed in the ward.

At that point his Dad was happy the testing was over! After I had checked on some of our Gaza children who are also in hospital, I went back to Mohammed, and was happy to find him awake and feeding. The Wolfson team will come up with a surgery plan, and advise us soon. We pray that Mohammed and his Dad get some good rest tonight after their big day.

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