Miracle Mohammed

Sleepy Mohammed was a dream to hold today. Suhail took his father to get their delayed luggage from the airport and I got to watch over the little tyke. 

He slept most of the time, only waking up briefly to whine for some milk. With that supplied, he would drink away till nodding off again mid-bottle. I held him most the time in the chair next to the bed as he doesn't have any connected intravenous lines yet. After a little while, Mira's grandmother came by to say hi and stopped to hold Mohammed while I had a sandwich. 
Multiple people came by with gifts for Hanukkah. The sufganyot donuts are delicious! Mohammed's father asked about the surgery and when it will be. I showed him how to connect with the hospital Wi-Fi. We connected on Viber. Soon he'll have an Israeli simcard to make calls here. A nurse had come by to check Mohammed's vital signs and was pleased. 
Thank you, God, that this emergency baby could make it here in time! We look forward to the healing of his heart and a healthy future for him. 
Did you miss the miracle of his journey to Israel? Here's an excerpt from yesterday's Shevet's Sunday Letter. Jonathan Miles wrote:
"Yonatan, a miracle happened!"

Those were the first words I heard when Israel's ministry of the interior called late Thursday afternoon, the second day of Hanukkah--especially poignant because the Hanukkah dreidel is inscribed with the first letters of the Hebrew words meaning "a great miracle happened (t)here."
What was the miracle? As I wrote you last week, a newborn baby Mohammed in Kurdistan with transposed great arteries had to reach Israel within the week to give him a chance for a normal heart and life. We sent in his emergency visa application Sunday morning; at 3:17 on Thursday afternoon, just before leaving for the weekend, the interior ministry clerk wrote "it grieves me, but it doesn't look to me like we'll be able get security permission before the end of the day." 

Minutes later came the phone call--and the clerk sounded more excited than I was! It's good to see the Israeli border guardians taking these children to their hearts."
Let us all be thanking God for his miraculous intervention in the lives of baby Mohammed and his father. 
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