Mohammed Admitted

After just a few days back with us at our Shevet house, tiny baby Mohammed is back at Wolfson. The hospital called us today informing us the team had arranged for Mohammed's surgery to take place on Sunday. So, he needed to be admitted today. When I went over to tell Mohammed's dad, he was surprised and very excited about the news. Like all the families, Mohammed's dad frequently asks when his child's surgery will be but we had not known every time he asked. And then we were able to go and tell him to finish his lunch and get his bags packed because we were going right away. He was a joyful father as he rushed around getting ready. 

Upon arrival to the hospital, Mohammed did a good job with his admission process and was soon set up in a little crib. The children's ward remembered how difficult getting Mohammed's blood draw was last week and so had planned ahead for a specialized doctor to come this evening to get a line inserted. Mohammed's dad was grateful to hear this and was happy to have the initial setup up of admission completed very quickly. 

I said goodbye to father and son after a few precious minutes cradling Mohammed and he was falling asleep for his afternoon nap. Thank you for joining us in praying for a restful Shabbat for the little family as they hang out at Wolfson and for God's hand to be upon baby Mohammed as his surgery day is right around the corner. 

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