Mohammed went in for surgery at about 7:30 this morning.  Before he was taken by the nurses, Mohammed’s father shared a tender and emotional moment with his son.

After watching Mohammed until the very last possible second as the hospital staff took him to prepare for surgery, Mohammed’s dad decided to come back to Shevet to get a shower, shave, and a little bit of rest while he waited for the operation to finish.  After lunch, we returned to the hospital with the father, and he was there waiting as Mohammad was brought from surgery to the ICU.  We were told that the surgery had been a success, and after a brief wait, Mohammed’s father was able to see his son resting peacefully in the ICU.

Because Mohammed is so young, they had to reduce his body temperature during surgery to restrict his blood flow and prevent loss.  When we saw him in the ICU, Mohammed was still sedated and had been placed in a small, inflated bag that controls air flow and will bring his body temperature back up to normal levels at a safe rate.  We were told that he will remain intubated and sedated through the night, and if all is well in the morning they will extubate him tomorrow.  

Thank you, Lord, for a successful surgery! Please keep Mohammed in your prayers during his recovery. 


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