A Long Day at the Hospital

Last week on Wednesday, Suhail and Elwira went with a few families to Jerusalem.
There they had a great view from the Mount of Olives to the old city of Jerusalem.
After this they went to the Garden Tomb where Suhail talked to the mums about Jesus. Kovan's mum was listening carefully and asked questions. Suhail tried to explain the importance of Jesus‘s coming and why he died for everybody. He finished the story of the resurrection at the empty tomb.
After the lunch they went to the shuk (market) in the old city. A man gave Kovan chocolate for free what made him happy. It was a long but good day. May God speak to the hearts who heard the Gospel.
Today, Elwira and I brought Kovan and his mother to the hospital for an echo. We had to wait some time before he could be seen by the doctor, but Kovan was very patient and played all the time. At the beginning of the exam, he was a little scared, but after some time and with distraction from videos, he even smiled. 
The doctor didn’t tell us much, but next week Kovan will have an echo again. Hopefully this is the final echo. Kovan's mum wanted a doctor check kovan’s eyes and throat, because she thinks he has eye pain and also pain in the trachea. For this reason we had to go to the children's ward again to talk with the doctor there. But the doctor had no time and so we waited 2 and a half hours before she looked at Kovan and talked to the mom. That was a very long time for him and in the end he was so tired that he started to cry. The doctor gave us eye drops for him and we have an appointment for the examination tomorrow.
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