Getting His Eyes Checked

Today Suhail drove Kovan, his mother, Maxine and myself back to Wolfson Medical Center to get his eyes checked. His mother told the doctor that his eyes have been hurting him for a while. He put some type of medicine in his eyes which Kovan did not enjoy. It took Suhail holding his eyes open as Kovan sat on his mother's lap while Maxine tried to comfort him as he was getting quite upset.
We were then told to come back in 50 min for the results. So we took Kovan to the play area which he seemed to thoroughly enjoy. We then went back to see the doctor who informed Kovan's mother that there was no infection. He may have astigmatism and possibly allergies that are causing his eyes to hurt. The dryness in the air may be part of the problem as well. He was given a prescription and told to have his eyes checked in 6 months as there is a possibility he may need glasses. 
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