Fighting Through a Virus

Zulaikha and her mom have remained at our Shevet house these last weeks since her final echo, waiting for another family to be ready and be their traveling companions. But the Lord's timing is perfect and we were glad Zulaikha was in Israel as she struggled to overcome a viral GI infection last week. She was not able to eat and became dehydrated so we needed to bring her into the children's hospital at Sheba this past Thursday.

She got an infusion of fluids and was started on supplemental sodium for the weekend. By the time our team was home very late Thursday night, Zulaikha was already doing much better. She was stronger, happier, and healthier over the weekend. And today we had her follow-up visit which revealed she has fully recovered from the infection! All her symptoms are gone and the lab results are very good. 

We had a while of waiting today, but Zulaikha remained happy or was sleeping so the visit was over without stress and we were able to head back to Shevet. We are praying for the Lord's timing to continue reigning as we look at this week potentially being Zulaikha's time to depart back to Kurdistan.
Please join us in praying, she and her mother have been waiting four months for the word they will go home. We are hopeful these words can very soon be spoken! 
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