Kovan's Last Echo

We are glad to report that Kovan has been approved to fly home to Kurdistan! His last sutures were removed today and his throat bug is nothing significant. We're planning his farewell party tomorrow night.

He was the second of our two kids getting echocardiograms today. He still gets fearful at just seeing a doctor or hearing them saying his name. Walking into the hospital can set him of as well. Thank the Lord he made it through the echo time without being sedated! 
He's still receiving eye-drops as well, but he is doing well and on track to fly out soon. He's still scheduled to return to Israel for another surgery after 6 months or two years I believe.
He's a blessed boy and we enjoy spending time with this cheerful, soulful young guy. His childish voice and expressions endear him quite quickly. He even made some friends from Zanzibar while we were in the echo department. May our Heavenly Father bless his future!
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