Shahram's Arrival

Shahram and his mom safely arrived to Israel this morning after traveling overnight. Their plane landed early and Shahram's capable and confident mother came out into the airport's welcome hall minutes after Maxine and I arrived. She and her son had been split from their traveling companions in Jordan when the baby they were traveling with, Ster, needed to be taken to a Jordanian hospital. Shahram and mom continued the journey on their own and we are very excited to have them with us now.

Mother and son have mostly been resting today but are already getting comfortable and I can sense they will very soon be folded right into our Shevet family. 

We are waiting to hear from Sheba's outpatient echo clinic when Shahram's initial assessment appointment will be. And they will hang with us at the house until then. God's blessings are so diverse and we are so happy to be blessed by this small family joining us and journeying towards Shahram's healed heart. Thank you for coming together with us in this journey through prayer! 
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