Lord of All

After working with our partner hospitals the past two weeks and with the ministry of interior, we got confirmation baby Ster was all approved to travel and receive her life-saving cardiac surgery at Sheba Medical Center. We were rushing the process to get Ster here so her surgical correction would be possible with one operation. Once a child with transposition of the great arteries is over 4 or 5 weeks old, the correction usually takes two surgeries. And Ster was born at the end of November, so we were praying for God's hand. And favor was seen when we got word late last week that the visa was approved. With Ster stable on room air, we booked her on a flight leaving Sunday night. After many hours of noneventful travel, Ster began having problems during the final layover in Jordan. Her blood oxygen levels began dropping and after supplemental oxygen at the airport wasn't helping, Ster was moved to a hospital in Jordan. There she crashed and had to be resuscitated and put on a ventilator. She stabilized enough to be transfered, via ICU ambulance, to Sheba. The Mom reported a difficult trip in the ambulances and Ster needed to be resuscitated again as they arrived up to the cardiac ICU here. 

The doctors were able to do an echo and place a central line as the team here continues to work to stabilized Ster. Ster's mom, Andrew, and I are waiting in a small room just outside of the ICU, hoping for new information in the next hour or two. Ster's mom is exhausted and becomes easily teary eyed but is remaining very strong and is doing a good job understanding all that is going on. With Ster as her only child, it's easy to see mom's whole heart is on the line here. Please join us in praying. Ster's life is hanging in the balance and her fragile body struggling. The Lord is over all, though, and we trust in him. May He reign over Ster and in each of us. 
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