With the Father

As we waited last night in the room between the cath lab and the ICU with Ster's mother, we called upon the Lord, interceding for one month-old Ster. She had gone in for her catheterization unstable and declining. After nearly three hours, we saw Ster being wheeled back into the ICU with a large team of medical professionals surrounding her. The team initially waved us off, not wanting us to be in the ICU and seeing their extreme efforts to stabilize Ster. But things worked out for Ster's mom and I to hang back towards the entrance of the unit, and the cardiologist soon found us there to update Ster's mom.

While the physical procedure went well with the cath, Ster was not doing well. When she arrived to Sheba, she underwent a long time of CPR before she was resuscitated, and during that time little Ster's body was stressed to a breaking point. Due to the limited oxygen she received when her heart was not pumping, her organs began to fail and she experienced internal bleeding. So, even thought the cath dilated what it needed to, Ster was still declining because of the previous damage. The ICU staff worked for a long time pushing the strongest medications and trying to increase Ster's blood pressure and heart rate. The staff allowed Ster's mom to hold her precious baby's hand as they worked.

After some time, the medications and other interventions were maxed out so the doctors took a step back and waited to see how Ster's body would react. Very soon, they could see Ster was not recovering and they informed mom we were looking at the final minutes or hours of her daughter's life here on earth. This news was very hard for mom to hear and as she collapsed to the floor it was only through the Lord's strength and peace we knew she could regain herself. After a few minutes, the staff helped baby Ster into her mother's shaking arms where she laid for about an hour and then she went from in her mother's arm to her Heavenly Father's arms.

We then continued to spend time with Ster for her mother to say goodbye before coming back to Shevet's house in Jaffa. There, Ster's mom was surrounded by some of our other Kurdish mothers currently in Israel and it was a touching sight to see four beautiful women mourning alongside dear Ster's mother. Their love and care during this difficult situation was exactly what was needed for Ster's mother and she was eventually able to fall asleep. This morning, arrangements were made for the little family to get back home to Kurdistan and just a couple hours ago they began their journey back. The grieving process is just at the beginning and we entrust all to the Lord during these coming times for Ster's family. May God's peace prevail. 

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