Mohammed Back at Shevet

Maxine and I walked by foot to the hospital to collect Mohammed and his Dad and bring them back to Shevet Achim to rest and recover more.

When we arrived at the children’s ward, we found Mohammed in a room with two other families - he was in the middle. Dad was holding him and the nurse was doing different bits and pieces (dressings etc). Dad had very little sleep and was very tired. Maxine left for ten minutes or so to see other children, and the medical staff was not quite ready to release him, so I got the privilege of putting him into his clothes and helping the nurse stick some tape over his arm. Mohammed was crying during this whole time.

Once dressed, Dad went and got himself what I imagine would have been a much overdue coffee, and some water for me. So I got to sit in the chair holding and feeding little one. He stopped crying, and I had the privilege of praying for him, and talking to him. He started to fall asleep and relax which was lovely to see.

Maxine came back, we packed everything up and the three of us walked back to Shevet Achim. Mohammed slept all the way home in Maxine’s arms. We even noticed a little smile as he slept.

Everyone was pleased to see him and wanted a cuddle (who wouldn’t!). One of the other Mums then bathed him and fed him, and I assume now that Mohammed is fast asleep.

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