Farewell, Zulaikha!

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to Zulaikha and her Mom. It was a bittersweet farewell - we are all glad that she is healthy enough so that she can go home, but her cute smile will be missing here. So we organized a little party for her and Kovan, who had his farewell too, and the mommies were cooking a delicious meal. After that we sang a few worship songs in English and Hebrew as well. Oh, and we had a great chocolate cake! Then we came to the highlight of the evening: the presents!
The first one she got was a little baby doll and once she saw it, she wouldn't let it go. She did not even look at the other things, she was totally enraptured by it. Her mother got some presents too, for example a Bible. Pray for the family that they will read it!
As we saw some photos of Zulaikha's time here and in the hospital, some tears were falling and it was hard, especially for the mother, to remember the reason she came here and see the pictures of her right after the surgery.
But at the end it was an emotional and also funny evening and I hope not only the hearts are healed, but also the souls comforted. Keep praying for all of them!
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