Farewell, Captain Cute!

Little Kovan has reached the end of his stay here in Israel. What a joy this little guy has been to have in our community. Kovan’s last day was actually a difficult day at Shevet, with the passing of baby Ster affecting us all. We said goodbye to Ster’s grieving mother in the afternoon, and then began to prepare for the farewell party that evening. God brought such a sweet spirit to our community that evening, it is actually hard to describe. Through the trials and pain, love was pouring out. It was so tangible at the party as we said goodbye to the little ones.

The Kurdish mums cooked a special meal, we ate yummy cake cooked by our wonderful German teammates. We then gave gifts to Kovan and his Mum to take back home. His big eyes grew wide with excitement as he saw a toy car appear out of his gift bag.

But he had us all laughing when he received a recorder and was fascinated at the sound he was able to make with it. It didn’t leave his hand for the next hour! We shared some words of the fond memories we had of Kovan and his parents. His mother expressed her utmost thanks, and said the love Kovan has received at Shevet has meant so much to her. She said he often recites the names of our team, and asks to see pictures of us before he will fall asleep. Actually, as we were driving to the airport later, he was listing the names of our team to himself from his baby seat! Kovan, as usual, charmed everyone in the queues at the airport, and I even saw him soften a security officer which is quite a feat!

Wherever this little boy goes joy, wonder and love follow. He has touched my heart, and it was hard to say goodbye, but the knowledge that he is going home happier, healthier, and stronger makes my heart soar. It is such a privilege to be a part of the gift that these children receive as a result of so many willing hearts working together. Working to give them something truly precious. Thank you for doing your part, I know God is proud of His children for extending His love to little hearts like Kovan’s.

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