First Time at Sheba

Today was Shahram‘s initial assessment appointment and Suhail, Shahram’s mum and I went with him to Sheba hospital.

In the beginning he was very shy and didn’t let go of his mother, but after a while he became more trusting and I was able to distract him well with a ponytail holder. We tried to shoot it as far away as possible, which he thought was a lot of fun.

But when we entered the examination room, he started to cry and was not distracted the whole time. Mum tried to explain that he is afraid of needles. I was very sorry to see him so scared.

After the examination we had to wait. It was a good time we spent with them playing and eating. It was nice to see how lovingly his mother treats him.

The doctor told us nothing about a date for the surgery, because the next step is an appointment with a neurologist. Shahram has problems with his motor skills. He can stand but he can’t walk alone. We hope and pray that he can get the help he needs.

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