Doing Better

I am a short-term volunteer from Denmark, and I'm lucky to be with Shevet Achim this week. Today Alex (also a Dane), Coby and I went to the hospital to visit four kids and their parents. We met Binyamin, and this strong little guy is getting better. Meeting Binyamin made me think a lot. It was hard to see how weak he was but even harder to see how sad and helpless his dad felt. God reminded me of a song I often sang when I was a child:  "He's got the whole world in His hands." As I saw Binyamin sitting in his wheelchair, I found some peace in this picture of God holding him in his big hands.
Binyamin started yesterday on a new medication. The doctor will first see if this medicine will be of any benefit before they will proceed for the ganglionectomy. Please pray that the medication will help his heart.
Written by Danish volunteer Sofie Poulsen
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