Beloved Binyamin has Returned Home

It was so sad to say goodbye to Binyamin. He really is a special kid, I will miss him a lot. His dad as well was very endearing; a simple hearted man, kind every moment - not pushy for his own way.

Binyamin would look up with his playful eyes and boyish-grin, and who could not be affected by it? When they visited Jerusalem it was grand to see their joy! Binyamin got to ride a camel, a donkey, and us piggy-back though he soon wanted down. His dad was deeply affected by visiting the religious sites and gave thanks to God. 
Binyamin's case was definitely a unique one. Not only did he not come for open heart surgery like most of our kids, but he also was mainly a research case as the doctor had to study him personally to get a handle on the complex workings of his heart. Long QT Syndrome has this irregular aspect to it. He had his pacemaker replaced and then they began finding the right balance of drugs to keep his heart at peace. 
All the while, his dad was dealing with the memories of his previous son who died from a similar condition and keeping faith for a healing this time. He would hold Binyamin tight and keep him close. The love between them was evident. 
Special drugs were considered, neck injections, and more. The Israeli doctor looking over his case extensively poured himself into the work and consulted with other specialists around the world. Binyamin's care was an aggregate of expertise. Still the times of his heart failing and needing pacemaker adjustment would come unexpectedly, and we would scramble to look after him.  
After a while his father seemed to be losing hope that his son could be permanently stabilized. He was facing pressure to return home to provide for his other children and couldn't spend much more time on just one. We worked with him as best we could, looking to get Binyamin sufficiently settled for a future, before letting them go. Thank God we did reach that place of healthy heart rhythms through a specific drug and were able to send them off soon. 
They enjoyed the big party we had with 5 other families also leaving. It was a great time of rejoicing. Binyamin sang and danced even, pointing his fingers in the air!
Now that he's home, we have heard that he's had some more trouble with his heart rhythms and has received some shocks from his pacemaker. They will go to see their doctor and consider. Hopefully it's just from excitement from traveling and he will get to normal soon.
Having the opportunity to get to know families like Binyamin's is amazing. There are deep souls in creation and occasionally you come across one. Working with kids with heart conditions, I feel that we find more of those that have been sifted by the suffering they've been through. They know what it means to give of oneself for others. Binyamin's dad was happy to spend and be spent.
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