Little Rosen in Israel

A few days ago we learned that new families will be coming from Kurdistan. On Sunday morning it was time and at half past eight we drove to the airport to pick them up. Little Rosen is one of them. She is a cute little girl with big eyes. She came to Israel with her father and we thank God she survived the long journey well. After we did the standard check-ups, we went back to Shevet. The whole drive over she was calm and really nice until she fell asleep. 

Rosen popped into hospital quickly today to get some bacterial testing. She will need to head back later for her full assessment where the doctors suggested she should be sedated during her echo and blood tests. She has been fitting in well at the Shevet house, and we are happy to have her and her Dad here. Please pray with us that Rosen's stay and treatment in Israel is going well and that one day she will be able to fly home healthy. We want to give her to God and ask Him to glorify Himself through her situation.

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