Love Like Little Children

Today we accompanied Rosen and her father to the hospital for a genetic test, which was the final step before she can return home. With a new baby sister awaiting her in Kurdistan, I’m sure Rosen and her father are eager to get back!

While we didn’t necessarily have an appointment, the doctor very kindly met us in the lobby of the hospital and took us right away. His compassion and willingness to help really made our day! I could tell he truly cared for Rosen. She was very upset while they drew blood but fortunately it was short, and Rosen quickly returned to her laughter.

Rosen is such a joy to be around – she seems to always be smiling and running between her dad, fellow volunteers and strangers alike, giving them giant hugs. Here at Shevet, we come from many different countries. Likewise, cultural diversity in the hospital is evident. Yet Rosen’s willingness to love anyone that walks by is beautiful and seemingly how things ought to be; she inspires me.

In Matthew 18:3 Jesus says, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Yeshua calls us to the sincere love clearly evident in little Rosen. Praise the Lord for her loving (and now healthy) heart!

Travel arrangements are in progress and if all goes according to plan, Rosen and her dad will return to Kurdistan this week. Genetic results will come within the next few weeks and give their family a better understanding of what can be expected ahead.

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